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1. My.T offer description & charges

1. Use your TV set 24/24 and 7/7 to explore our video library containing a wide variety of films, documentaries, programmes for children, sports, music

2. Enjoy a wide range of educational programmes

3. Zap to free TV channels with our My.T Set Top Box

Make your international calls directly from your telephone and benefit from our best rates starting as from Rs 6 per minute (No need for a prepaid calling card).

1. Surf at high speed Internet securely via our Livebox or modem

2. Download at a Speed of up to 4 Mbps on MT local network

2. Choose your My.T preferred payment plan

My.T Offers
Package 1M + TV 1M + Livebox 2* 2M + TV 2M + Livebox 2* 4M + TV 4M + Livebox 2*
Choose your My.T preferred payment plan
internet data volume unlimited
internet download speed (local) up to 2 Mbps up to 4 Mbps
internet download speed (International) up to 1,024 Kbps up to 1,024 Kbps up to 2,048 Kbps up to 2,048 Kbps up to 4,096 Kbps up to 4,096 Kbps
e-mail 1 mailbox of capacity 100MB
equipment included in rental livebox/ STB/ remote control
monthly rental (VAT included)
*Tariffs as from 1st December 2011
Rs 949 Rs 1,099 Rs 1,499 Rs 1,649 Rs 2,499 Rs 2,649
Line conversion Offered
Installation charges (VAT excl.) Rs 1,000

* Deezer offered as bonus

2b. Choose your premium bouquet

3. Customer Particulars


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4. Billing telephone line for My.T


5. Value-added services

Mauritius Telecom provides you with up to 1 e-mail address of type username@myt.mu which can be accessed from both a PC and My.T TV portal.

Please specify your addresses of type @myt.mu

If you have e-mails of type @intnet.mu, My.T offers you the possibility to have your e-mails mapped on your My.T mails.

Email addresses
(6-20 characters)

(6-10 numerical characters)

Email forwarding of type@intnet.mu

I/we hereby agree that the application is subject to My.T general and specific terms and conditions referred to on My.T website www.myt.mu. I/We hereby confirm that I/We have read, understood and agreed to be bound by the said Terms and Conditions. I/We hereby certify all the above information is correct and that I/We are legally bound as in the Terms and Conditions.
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